10 Fun Facts about me!

1) as most of you know I’ve been with my husband since I was 18 (23 years) But what most don’t know is we “met” eyes at a local fair when I was 13. We figured it out when I told him where I lived, which was by the local fairgrounds and he proceeded to tell me his story about a girl he saw at those fairgrounds and I finished his story. I described what he was wearing and who he was with. He had a photo from that day and it met my description of him and his family. I mean clothing from head to toe. It was meant to be. #meantobe
2 ) before I had kids I knew I would have all the same gender…and sure enough. 3 girls. #mytribe
3) the only person that can tell my sister and I apart over the phone is our brother. We sometimes can’t tell who’s who if we hear a recording of our voices.
4) many girls dream of walking down “the aisle” with @justintimberlake and I actually did…as a bridesmaid for my best friends wedding! (Thanks Nra) #dreambig 🙂
5) I cant live without peanut butter! #alldayeveryday
6) as most see me as a extrovert, a free spirit, I’m actually very guarded and have a lot of introvert tendencies. It come with age I think. #staycentered
7) I think it’s a cop out to believe people can’t change and believe it isn’t possible to make personal change yourself. #foreverchanging
8) I taught my dog how to chew gum and not eat it.#smartdoggie
9) my husband and I were songwriting partners and friends before we started dating. #igotthemusicinme
10) sports fans: when I was 11 I made an unassisted triple play in softball. #boom
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