Olivia’s Corner


Olivia was diagnosed with Epilepsy at the age of 3.  She’s 8 years into her diagnosis and happy to announce she has been seizure free for 3 years!.

We are working on a very special project to bring Epilepsy and seizure awareness to the forefront.



3 day EEG at a Children’s Hospital in California.  Before we went for our stay at Children’s hospital we searched for some videos that showed children hooked up for a 24 hour/multiple day video and EEG monitoring and couldn’t find anything.  We were both very nervous about the process.  I might have been a little more nervous than my daughter.  I’ve held on to this video for some time and was recently motivated to share to help another child out with her new diagnosis with her seizure disorder and the testing that comes along with it.  I hope this video of my daughter helps other children that are nervous about their stay at Children’s hospital for a similar thing.  My daughter did great and actually didn’t feel “restricted” at all and enjoyed herself while she was there.


One Comment on “Olivia’s Corner

  1. THIS IS HILARIOUS!!!!!! I LOVE THIS!!! The intensity + playfulness of her face. And the fact that she still had to keep coloring while dancing. So Olivia!!! LOVE.♥♥♥

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